Saturday, December 4, 2010

Train For Your Body Type

If you have been exercising for 30 days or more with the goal of LOSING WEIGHT with NO visible results (your measurements/body fat/weight) chances are, you are not working according to your body type. There are basically three different body types.

AN ENDOMORPH is a person with a naturally low metabolic rate is of a medium to large frame and is more prone to putting on fat weight (if you claim to just smell food and put on weight you are an endomorph) and therefore they need to watch their diets and exercise regularly to stay in shape.

AN ECTOMORPH is a small framed person with a naturally high metabolic rate in short these are the people everyone wishes would choke on their pastries as it just doesn't show on them! But ectos being hard gainers, cannot gain muscle definition easily so you see no one has it all!

A MESOMORPH is naturally very strong, of medium to large frame, has well defined musculature and though they too require regular exercise to keep in shape (who doesn't?!) they usually respond to exercise faster, than endomorphs.

The Three Basic Body Types
Thin, Flat chest, Delicate build, Young appearance, Tall, Stoop-shouldered, Has trouble gaining muscle mass
Hard, muscular body, Overly mature appearance, Thick skin, Upright posture, Gains or loses weight easily, Grows muscle quickly
Soft body, Underdeveloped muscles, Round shaped, Over-developed digestive system, Trouble losing weight, Generally gains muscle easily

A person maybe a combination of body types, so to make things easier they can be further classified into 4 more categories:

Combination Body Types

A very Indian shape to have, wherein the waist size is a lot lesser than the chest and hips, though the chest is slightly heavier than the hips. These are the people who look proportionate even if slightly overweight as their weight is equally distributed throughout the body, their upper and lower bodies have more strength than endurance, and though they do gain weight easily they also lose it as easily and proportionately.

Recommended Exercise
Cardiovascular exercises: Low impact aerobics, cycling at low to moderate tension and higher speed, brisk walking or the treadmill at maximum 3-4 incline but higher speed is recommended depending on your fitness level. Strength Training: Stick to moderate to high repetitions* (12-15 reps*) and on and off even use rep combinations as high as 25 reps and low to moderate weights (concept will vary with time as you get fitter). A combination of both compound and isolation movements will prove effective. How much weight you lift is also dependant on how you want to look ultimately. This kind of a workout will help you get fitter, stronger and leaner.

The waist chest and hips are in almost equal proportion and rulers gain weight more easily in the midsection, they do not bulk or add muscle mass easily however their weight loss is also almost equal throughout. They usually handle endurance exercises more easily than strength training.

Recommended Exercise 
Cardiovascular exercise: Biking with high tension, walking on an incline treadmill or uphill, running, jogging, steppers or stair climbers with moderate resistance will all help in burning fat effectively.
Strength training: Higher repetitions* (20+ reps*), with moderate to heavy weights. Choose more basic and compound movements over isolation (chose isolation only as finishing exercise).

As the name states, their upper body is much larger than the lower, the stomach normally protrudes and the arms and chest bulk easily though they are a lot slimmer hip downwards.

Recommended Exercise
Cardiovascular exercise:  Cycling at moderate to high tension and brisk walking or treadmill at moderate incline (3-5) and high speed, avoid jogging at high tension.
Strength training: Concentrate on lightweights and higher repetitions on the upper body and moderate to heavy weight and moderate repetitions (12-15) on the lower body. Choose compound movements for both upper and lower body as well as isolation.

The lower body is distinctly larger than the upper body, thick upper thighs, bulky inner thighs, outer thighs stick out (saddle bags) dense calves, thickset ankles, weak lower ab muscles and weak upper body.

Recommended Exercise
Cardiovascular exercise:  Cycle at higher speed and lesser tension, brisk walking or walking at high speed on treadmill without incline. Avoid steppers/stair climbers, high impact aerobics as they will further add bulk to lower body.
Strength training: Doing compound movements with moderate to heavy weights for the upper body, and both compound movements and isolation with high repetitions for the lower body is recommended.

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