What Clients are saying on Facebook..

"I flushed out my toxins! Got on board with the new menu plan and started using the online workouts...and in 3 weeks I loss 24 lbs!!! Psychosomatic Fitness really works!!!"

-Tobias Thornwell

"Yea dude you guys have been kicking my ass but my stamina has been insane and I've got more energy now"

-Eric Brown
"Spring break is right around the corner. If you are interested on getting spring break ready, this is the workout program for you, I PROMISE! I've only been training with them for 2 weeks and I've already lost 7 lbs so far! They even provide you with meal plans. Sign up now, you will not regret it :) they're two of the best personal trainers in town!"
-Carly Bacon

"hey guys these are my friends josh and brad. they are excellent trainers and if youre looking to get into tip top summer shape(as you should be, summer comes early here), get in touch with them. they can hook you up with a badass body!"
-Michelle Jacobs
"Whoever said you can't lose inches when you're thin was lying! 1/2 in gone off of the thighs, 1/4 in more off of the waist!!!" (changes in only 2 weeks)

"So, even though I missed Sunday, while in phoenix I went into NASM (national academy of sports medicine) to get my hamstring worked on. I was there about a month ago and the two individuals that work on me said they see a very "distinct difference" in my muscles and overall structure of my body, and that I must have a very good trainer, which is you!!! sooooooo, THANK YOU!!! ♥"

-Austin Nikole Fisher 



"We love the fat blast! You guys rock our socks off.. lol"

-JScordato Salon

"You and me both Kerby! =) These boys don't mess around...I've lost about 5 inches off my waist in 3 months training with them."
"has to give a big high five to Brad Schneider & Joshua Thornwell at Psychosomatic Fitness for kicking my butt every week and keeping me motivated.... down 7.5lbs and 11 3/4 inches in one month!!! WOOHOO!!"

-Laura Lee


"I cared alot!!! And I am still seeing incredible results!!! Thank you Jamie, Rigo, Brad and Joshua you are the best 4 trainers ever that I got the luxury to work with!"

-Velma Ramirez Edmonds (pictured in her testimony below)


 "After those workouts today, I'm feeling like a G" 

"Psychosomatic.. Makes you a man and a half"

-Ricky Siegrist

"OMG! Just finished my last day with Psychosomatic Fitness. Lost 12 inches all over and 8.5 lbs in just two weeks! Shout out to JT (Brad) and Tyrone (Joshua) for the good work"
-Joseph Miller
Testimonial Story....

This women is a Friend of ours, a past client, and a true success story. Optimism, Perseverance and Determination are 3 major key elements that lead to her success. We like to simplify those elements into one word: SEEK meaning, making an effort or trying to establish the existence of; we have to seek out our desired outcome. 

When you thoroughly align your actions with your intentions, double your persistence, and decide to never give up you will experience a surge of energy that moves you towards your vision. When you make such a commitment, it' will expand your horizons and you'll see that dreams can truly come true....

Thank you VELMA for all of your hard work and dedication! 

  Before 264Lbs             
 After 147Lbs

Her testimony:
Fitness to me was a chore invented by the skinny people of the World. Why would I want to waste my time at a gym; while I can enjoy a relaxing time at home after a hard stressful day at work. Although I was uncomfortable looking in the mirror, uncomfortable walking and having a hard time breathing. I still did not feel that the gym scene was for me. My husband decided that it was somewhere he wanted to be and decided even if I didn't want it he was going to buy me a membership anyway. Okay I guess I will try it. I walked in overwhelmed by the entire place got on a treadmill for 10 minutes seeing that was the only thing I knew how to work and walked right out. That moment was the scariest moment for me. 

After a few months of going in for a few minutes, to a half an hour to a full hour I was not seeing the results I expected. I was walking in sweating a bit and wondering why walking on the treadmill was doing nothing for me. 

I remember seeing personal trainers working out with people and wondering what that was all about. I finally had guts enough to ask and I was introduced to a gentleman that told me all about what personal training can do for me. What really okay. I thought about it and didn’t move forward with him on the training. I wasn’t ready for the commitment that he was asking of me. Again I didn’t want to work out in the first place. 

The day that changed my mind was my doctor telling me that if I wanted to have children I needed to drop some weight; what I was too fat to have a baby. As I was driving to the gym thinking about what she said my gut was hitting the steering wheel and I was breathing heavy. I’m 25 years old, 5ft tall at 264lbs really how could I have done this to myself? 

FINALLY decided personal training was for me; I spoke to the gentleman again and I was now his client, his problem. 

Within a month I saw results my whole life was a commitment to my life to me. 

I lost inches in every place possible and more weight in one month than I did in the 9 months I had tried doing it on my own. The look in my trainer’s eyes was all worth the sacrifice, the hard work the whole new lifestyle that I gained. 

Life since I began the journey has been an experience beyond words alone. The commitment to me was just the beginning. When personal training came into my life I did not realize how much I would learn about myself, about the World around me how dedicated one must be to be sure you succeed for not just yourself but for those around you that want you to become the person that you are supposed to be. 

Personal training is something everyone needs to have in their lives; without this change I would have never learned what I needed to do to change my life, to change my future to finally be blessed with the baby that started this whole journey for me to begin. 

I started as an intimidated fat girl to a woman that had her hand held the whole way through her success with her trainers and learned that without my trainers and my commitment that I would still be walking on that treadmill and in the same place I was when I started. 

Velma Edmonds 
Was: 264 lbs 
Now: 164lbs and 5 months pregnant