Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Literally Melt Fat Off

In a recent article published in the medical journal, metabolism clinical and experimental, researchers showed that working out twice a day (one easy routine, and one harder routine) has a much greater effect on fat loss, as opposed to one "giant" workout.

Apparently, the first one stokes the metabolic stove... and the second one adds "fuel to the fire" and fat literally pour off.

So for anyone who's looking to really get in some serious shape this summer, this will be the most effective way to do it. In fact, I strongly encourage you to join our Spring Break Body Now! program. 

The program is 7:00am & 5:45pm @ Himmel Park.
So here's the plan! Come out to himmel park and do a mild metabolic stimulating "pump-up" routine in the morning, followed by a more intense training session later in the day... and you'll be lean and mean, contest cut and all ripped up in no time, I promise!
For more info on our Spring Break Body Now! program click the link below.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

One Weird Way To Get Bigger Arms

Curling??? NOPE Wrong!

Do more heavy squats and deadlifts!

Yes, I know this sounds crazy since squats and deadlifts don't directly work your arms (except for the grip and forearm strength needed to deadlift heavy weights)... but it's true that regularly performing heavy squats and deadlifts can indirectly help to make your arms bigger and stronger.

The reason is that heavy squatting and/or deadlifting forces the body to release muscle building hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone depending on the resistance level, rep range, rest period, etc.

Generally, heavy weights, lower reps, and longer rest periods stimulate testosterone release, whereas moderate weights, higher rep ranges, and shorter rest periods help to stimulate Growth Hormone release. Therefore, combining both styles of training into your routines on either different days of the week or different cycles, can help to maximize both of these important muscle building hormones.