Friday, October 29, 2010

The Arnold Workout!!

      Here is an one of Arnolds workouts he did for mass back in the day. We got this from Muscle & Fitness Magazine. We will be posting more of our own workout routines for free on the blog! Let us know if the workouts are making sense. He worked his butt off 2x's per day 6x's per week.  Remember this is a bodybuilders power mass workout..

*superset: doing 2 exercises back to back that counts as 1 set*
*Pyramid: beginning with a high # of reps (ex 20) and pyramiding down (ex 20-12-6) then pyramiding back up the the first # of reps you did (ex 20) called pyramiding up (ex 6-12-20)*

Bench Press              sets 1     reps 30-45                                                     
*superset with*
Wide Grip Behind the Neck Chin Ups          sets 1      reps 15

Bench Press          sets 5       reps 20-12-6-12-20 *pyramid*
*superset with*
Wide Grip Behind the Neck Chin Up         sets 5       reps 15-12-8-12-15 *pyramid*

Barbell Incline Press              sets 5     reps 10-15
*superset with*
T-Bar Row             sets 5       reps 10-15

Flat Bench Dumbbell Flye         sets 5         reps 10-15
*superset with*
Wide Grip Barbell Row            sets 5           reps 10-15

Weighted Dip           sets 5         reps  15
*superset with*
Close Grip Chin Up           sets 5           reps 12

Stiff Arm Pullover           sets 5       reps 15-20
Iso Tension Contractions             ---                   ---

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